Why was the needle hiding in the haystack in the first place? Profile, Model, and Segment

August 2015

Whether you’re looking for that proverbial needle in the haystack or finding that diamond in the rough, you will improve your response rates and spend fewer resources when you apply these techniques to your next marketing campaign:

  1. Call a friend

    Find a partner that has a lot of experience in data blending and analytics.  Before starting your next direct marketing, digital marketing or social marketing campaign get a partner who’s been there and done that many times before.  Someone who isn’t an order taker and will examine your data and will make recommendations and take action on your behalf to get your data ready for optimal use.  They should understand data aggregation and have a pedigree in data management.  Look for professionals working with top retailers, ad agencies, and key verticals who specialize in providing data solutions.

  2. Profile

    Profiling is the first step in understanding your customers or prospects.  Knowing who they are and who they are not.  Don’t assume that your target audience is your only audience.  Grandma and grandpa can often be found in your customer segments.  Get your facts first (empirical evidence) and see where you need a little TLC.  Are there gaps in your data?  Do you need additional demographic, psychographic, or lifestyle information that can improve your targeting?  Appending data to your house file is a good start to understanding and segmenting your customers.  This information is the foundation to determining how to best message and communicate with your audience.

  3. Model

    Data scientist:  the sexiest job of the 21st century.  Leverage all of your in-house data using tools like AGR’s proprietary Intelli-Link © system to append a broad range of demographic, lifestyle, financial and self-reported survey information to develop predictive models.  Explore multiple techniques and select the model that best suits your goals.

  4. Segment

    Time is of the essence.  Get the right message to the right customer at the right time.  Communicate value quickly and create the call to action.  What products make sense at what time in the lifecycle of the consumer?  Modeled data allows you to refine your message into discrete segments and create prioritized and actionable plans for “people” in “the-market”.

Take that first step now!  Contact your friends at AGR Marketing Solutions.  Let our professionals navigate you to a custom solution today.