Data Solutions Update from AGR

May 2015

AGR adds more than 20 million unique records in April

We have good news to report on the data front: during this month, we have acquired two new files with vast opportunity - Motorcycle Owners and Smokers, resulting in more than 20 million unique records that may help your business.

Motorcycle File:

With 9,786,378 unique records at the ready, you can target specific demographics, customized to your particular needs. Whether you want to focus your efforts by state, gender or brand, we have the data to help. Here’s what we know:

  • Top Brand: Harley Davidson (87%)
  • Age: 52 or older (75%)
  • Gender: Male (40%) Female (36%)
  • Top States: FL, TX, OH, CA, WI
  • Phones: 78%
  • Email: 84%
Smokers File:

With 11,497,447 total records, AGR has much to share about our country’s smokers. While some of this information may surprise you, it can also provide you with a significant edge over your competitors.

Here is a sampling of what you can learn and use:

  • Top Brand: Marlboro
  • Purchase by Carton: 56%
  • Gender: Male (49%) Female (46%)
  • Top States: FL, CA, TX, NY, GA
  • Phones: 87%
  • Email: 92%

NEW files coming next month

As always, AGR is on the cutting edge of the latest data in the industry. Watch for our new list additions next month: Cell Phones, Diabetics and Ailments, almost 200 million new unique records for your data solutions.

Meet the data expert

The AGR team is working for you. This month, we would like to introduce you to Stephen Harwick, the CEO and Co-founder of AGR.

Stephen is an expert in multi-channel marketing programs with more than 25 years of experience in direct mail, literature fulfillment, email and database marketing (CRM). From those years of designing database marketing, programming and list development programs, he continues to improve clients' ROIs in several verticals, including travel and retail. As a previous owner of mid-sized specialty companies in Delaware and Florida, Stephen brings his vast experience and unique perspective to creating closed-loop solutions for AGR clients.

Need info now?

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